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When There Is No Room For Error Digital Data Collection for Testing and Evaluation Paper & Cost Reductions Secure Testing Environment Easy-to-Use for Proctor and Participant Low to No Bandwidth

Triton Data Collection System

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Triton from Turning Technologies is a highly secure, low to no bandwidth data collection system that combines the front-end ease of paper testing with the back-end ease of computer-based testing. The system replaces paper bubble sheets, offering immediate data collection via a secure, closed radio frequency network. Triton provides the ability to control the test environment, delivering test security, standardization of test administration and on-demand results. It is designed to meet market needs from everyday formative assessments through enterprise-wide standardized exams, evaluations and certification testing. Triton has been proven to show no significant statistical difference in test results when comparing traditional paper-based testing methods and electronic data collection.

Triton Data Collection System has experienced a 100% success rate in data collection and transfer with 100% accuracy of item response data.


Easy-to-use system with minimal learning curve.


Multilayer encryption ensures security of testing data from the point of answer submission until scoring is complete.


System performs without reliance on an external network or internet availability.


System reduces the costs of the manual processing and validation of score sheets.


Participants are prepared to use the system after a five question practice quiz.


Participants can review and validate their responses, providing strong confidence in the accuracy of their answers.

Accelerated Data

On-demand access to electronic response data records.


A single proctor computer station can administer up to a 1,000 participants.

Fulfilling Market Need

Turning Technologies, the acknowledged leader in audience and student response systems, identified the demand for a data collection system designed to utilize the benefits of both paper and computer-based testing, transitioning institutions from paper without the need and cost of computers.

Turning’s research revealed many growing issues plaguing traditional testing including security violations, scanning errors, prolonged waiting periods for results and a desire to “go green.” In addition, it was apparent that institutions were struggling to adapt their facilities and find funding to implement computer-based testing. Leveraging the technology already present, Turning Technologies embarked on the development of a data collection system, Triton, to solve those issues.

Traditionally, two methods exist for administration: paper-based and computer-based testing. Paper is scalable and cost effective, but requires manual security and validation processes. Computer-based testing addresses security and validation issues, but has scalability and cost constraints. Turning Technologies has spent more than two years researching, field-testing and working with partners to adapt the company’s patented data collection protocols to create a system that applies the best of paper-based and computer-based testing while improving the reliability of both methods.

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How it Works

Using current test books, students submit test answers via ResponseCard NXT. Proctor software is stored on the Triton Receiver and administers tests with simple point-and-click functionality, without the need for IT setup. Collected data is backed up and stored in three locations, including a central administration web portal.

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